Proud of being a mere tester

After having taken the cue from an infamous meetup about so-called “Automated Testing” to talk about the lack of testing mindset which worryingly affects part of the Software Testing community, let’s move to a really interesting job description now.

It included the following (just slightly anonymized) statement: “Being a Software Engineer in Test at <company> means going beyond being a mere tester, it means being another software engineer who happens to test.”

Now, I could easily say that the mere fact someone is diminishing the tester’s job by using the expression “being a mere tester” might be a good indicator of their lack of knowledge of Software Testing.

I could easily add that a “software engineer who happens to test” might be missing what Software Testing is really about, especially if they are only concerned about proving that a system is working as expected.

I could easily conclude that an organization which doesn’t seem interested in discovering where/when/how a system might not work might seriously need to have their assumptions challenged.

I could do all that, but it would just mean I am a mere tester…


"Nonsense" by Alexis Gallo
“Nonsense” by Alexis Gallo is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0
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