Professing high-quality products could be evidence for lack of proper testing

If you happen to go to a recruiting/networking event for SW professionals, you’ll get to know that all sponsors apparently focus on high-quality products. At least, this is what they profess.

Then you ask them if they have (or at least are looking for) testers, and they reply no: their programmers are responsible for their own code and for writing automated tests.

Then you ask them if their programmers are able to switch from a programming to a testing mindset as needed, and they stare at you without really understanding/answering the question.

Once at home, you decide to have a look at these companies’ websites and you quite unsurprisingly spot a lot of bugs.

You start wondering if, when they said “high-quality products”, they actually meant “products compliant with very poor specifications”…

All in all, my advice to these companies would be: stop bragging about your products; start testing them instead; I mean, seriously…