The Six Shades of Your Recruitment Process

"Shades of Colour" by TheFatControlleR
“Shades of Colour” by TheFatControlleR is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

After having added a comment to someone else’s article on some of the current problems of recruitment —a piece of writing which, by the way, I truly recommend reading—, I’ve decided to go myself a little deeper into this topic, by dissecting the Not Good, the Even Worse, the Very Bad, plus the Not Bad, the Even Better and finally the Very Good, of what may happen throughout a recruitment process.

For the sake of better readability, I’ve summarized my thoughts, from a candidate’s perspective, within the following grid.

NOT GOOD The recruiter calls the candidate without an appointment. The recruiter asks the candidate meaningless questions. The recruiter gives meaningless, not personalized feedback to the candidate.
EVEN WORSE The recruiter doesn’t call the candidate when they should (i.e. at the scheduled time). The recruiter does not answer the candidate’s questions. The recruiter does not provide the candidate with any feedback.
VERY BAD The recruiter does not apologize for any of the above. The recruiter ghosts the candidate. The recruiter ignores the candidate when they ask for meaningful/helpful feedback.
NOT BAD The recruiter calls the candidate at the scheduled time. The recruiter asks the candidate meaningful questions. The recruiter gives feedback to the candidate when they ask for it.
EVEN BETTER Instead of phoning the candidate without an appointment, the recruiter previously sends them a message to schedule a call. The recruiter answers the candidate’s questions. The recruiter proactively provides the candidate with meaningful feedback.
VERY GOOD Both of the above. The recruiter shows empathy. The recruiter additionally provides the candidate with helpful advice.

I hope this minimalist guide can help you have a better recruitment process next time!

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